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12/31/13 -
Jake is doing very well. He is a sweet guy, who loves to cuddle, ut waits for the invitation to cuddle.  he loves his walks, does not make a swamp by his water bowl and does not drool unless a treat is in the offering.  He also tries not to get his feet muddy in bad weather.  He is the neatest guest we ever had.   Jake is looking a bit trimmer. He has not been getting lots of treats with us and has trimmed down a bit, though you still have to feel for his ribs. Jake loves having visitors and is disappointed when they leave. He played a version of soccer with Lydia (10 years old) using the large tennis ball.  She won. I think he let her. We play with the ball a bit every day.   One of his favorite things is to sit on one of the kitchen chairs and watch whats happening outside. He seems to think people should come see him. He happily wags his tail until he realizes they are going past.  He loves his people.
A P.S. from the other house member.  Jake does best with good alpha guidance and responds quickly to his name when the command is given by his clear leader. In his excitement for attention he can become overwhelming to some people and needs to be reminded to act proper, once reminded he will sit proper for attention, but does need to be reminded!.  Jake becomes very excited when seeing other dogs on walks which is something that also needs work and means that you must keep distance from other dogs.  Jake is very sharp during walks and proudly prances and leaps more than walking .

10/15/13 -
Jake is doing great with us in Western NY and this last week was boys only at the house.  Jake and I did walks every morning before work and every evening before dark and what a joy it was to walk this guy he gets very excited but with the Easy Walk Harness we experienced none of the pulling issues I was told to expect "Jake was walked with his collar prior to this". Jake really was just fun but does get over excited when he sees other dogs so I suspect that he has not been socialised very much, Jake shows no aggression but his excitement level could be troubling to other dogs. I have left Jake free in the house for short periods of time and so far have had no issues but have crated him for longer stints and he will enter with a tap on the top and the command to load up. When Jake arrived he was a leaping kisser and for safety reasons we have shunned the behavior and Jake has quickly understood that it was not desirable so it has not been seen since the first week. Jakes fur is very thin and you can clearly see his beautiful sensitive spotted skin so it will be important for his family to take full precautions to protect him from the elements with a good winter coat and protection from the sun come summer.  Jake's is a dog that always wants to be by his humans side Always! he is easygoing as long as he gets this but becomes upset if he has to be left behind and will bark.

09/25/13 -
Jake has settled in very easily. He is very well behaved and not vey demanding. He loves being petted and his belly rubbed. The first few days he was excited to see the people at the park across the street, or walking by on the sidewalk. After being corrected a few times for barking he just watches everything quietly. He has been happy to greet our any visitors.   We have finally started playing fetch with the big tennis ball. Jake runs
and tries to catch it when it is bounced on the driveway. Once he has it he loves to tease by setting it on the ground near him and wants you to try and get it. After a few tries he lets me get it, Then we play catch again.  Jake lets me know when it is bed time if I stay up too late. He gets up on the one sofa until I  go to bed. Otherwise he has been staying off the furniture. He sleeps on the dog bed in my room. He likes being with his people.

09/16/13 -
Jake made it here yesterday to his new foster home.  He is doing great and seems right at home. He is a really a good boy clearly a bit of a food hound and is always prodding us for treats, at least that is what I think anyhow.

08/05/13 -
Jake went to the vet to get updated on shots. He tested positive for Lyme. He is on a round of antibiotics that seem to be resolving his issues with stiffness. He runs all over the yard and has a lot of energy for playing. Checked out some lumps and bumps that he has and will keep an eye on them. I crate Jake when I go out and that is working out well. Jake is very social and everyone loves to pat him. He has lost 9 pounds since he came and is looking handsome as ever at 90 lbs. I found out that Jake was barking when I left him at night. I solved that problem with a citronella collar - very easy fix for a big problem. Jake lived with another dog who was also turned into rescue, so it is understandable that he was lonesome. He is a happy dog and would like to have a forever home of his own. We are on our way to the pet store to buy more tennis balls - I don't know where they all go, but Jake loves them!   More to come.........................

07/14/13 -
Jake arrived today and is still not sure of what's going on. He is a happy boy and has been fine inside the house and playing out in the yard. He knows his basic commands and is always watching everything that is going on. We will go to the vet this week to get up to date and check on a couple of concerns. He likes to play with his toys and runs quite well. He seems to be a little stiff in one back leg when he gets up from laying down for a while, but has no trouble with the stairs. Will have more to report after the vet visit.

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Here is some more background info on Jake:
Jake was surrendered by his owners as they lost their home and had to move where they could not have dogs.  He was originally adopted by them when he was a puppy from a rescue that is no longer operating.  He grew up and lived with a boxer mix and 3 kids who are now teenagers and was said to be good with all.  he can be leery of other dogs he meets though as he had been attacked by a neighbor's dog once.  For this reason we think he will be best as an only dog.