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03/16/14 -
Izzy continues to be a great house guest. She is probably the easiest foster I have had in the many years I have been a foster home. She is very adaptable to my ever changing schedule, my long hours, and crazy sleep habits. She is very happy to see the dog sitter arrive as she knows her well and is assured a bathroom break and more!   Izzy earns her keep. She is very protective of the house and in the car. All I have to do is say "it's OK" and she changes from guard dog to "maybe they'll pat me and give me treats" and the wiggles start. She loves to go anywhere with me in the car, but also is very much a house dog. She is very happy to go out on her cable, do her business, and come right back in. She will find her antler and spend an hour chewing on it. You don't ever have to worry about having an empty lap with Izzy in the house. She is such a little sweetheart and would love to meet you!

01/01/14 -
So you say you want a dog that can fit on your lap and keep you warm on these cold winter nights....Izzy is for you.
So you say you want a dog that loves to ride in the car and do errands with you .....Izzy's your girl.
So you say you want a dog that will bark when strangers come to your door.....Izzy is on the job.
So you say you want a dog that goes outside to do her business and comes right back in the house to be with you.....Izzy the lovebug is the ticket.
It doesn't get much better than this, she is great.
She does like to climb chain link fences In pursuit of squirrels, but will climb right back in the yard when she is done. Right now she is on a cable when she goes out and doesn't have any problem with it. She is such an easy house guest. She deserves a forever family to love and protect. Please consider making Izzy a part of your family.

11/28/13 -
Izzy has really come into her own here this past week.  She seems to be fitting right into her routine and looks like she is just ready to please.  She's been much more playful and is so careful when you play with her, her teeth never touch your hands.  She is such a good girl in the house, never any issues.  I do crate her during the day, and she does like her crate.  She loves her doggie bed and doesn't want my Lil in her crate!   She knows the word bed.  She has been getting more house privledges this week while I'm home and has done very well.  It seems as if she spent a lot of time outside in her prior life and is really enjoying being an inside dog.  She likes being in the kitchen while you are cooking but a gentle out of the kitchen and she heads to the crate.  Izzy is very calm and relaxed in the house, loves to snuggle and have her belly rubbed.   Izzy was crated in a different room today while I had 20 people over for Thanksgiving, she did great hearing knocks on the door people coming and going, she whined for about 2 minutes and stopped.  I would suggest that her forever home crate her when company comes or before answering the door until she gets used to her new family and surroundings. This will allow her to feel safe and know her leader is taking care of things.   She's does bark occasionally when she hears a doorbell on TV but quiets right down when you tell her its ok.   I brought a few people in to meet her and she did great. I didn't get to introduce her to any little people.  Once the majority of my guests left I let Izzy out of her crate and she ran around the house sniffing everything then settled right down and greeted my guests like a little Lady.  Izzy would like nothing more than to find her forever home and fit into a nice routine with a consistent leader.  She's a real sweetheart and is a very quick learner.  Everyone that meets her comments on how beautiful her markings are.  She is very pretty, and her photos don't do this little bully girl any justice!

11/16/13 -
Izzy has been in foster care for a week now.  She is a real sweetheart. She's very relaxed and low key in the house. No accidents at all, loves her crate.  Izzy knows sit, down, give a paw, out of the kitchen, no begging, we are working on stay.  She is getting much better on the leash, but still wants to be the first to rush out, the first to rush in etc.   I am continuing to have her earn her way by having her sit and stay before going out, coming in, going through doorways in the house.  She knows what back it up means.   Patience, structure and praise.  She is getting it. She will sit automatically now for her leash, her meals etc.  Still needs reminders when going out and coming in.  She is being tolerant of my Lil but their time together is supervised and for the most and for the most part they are in separate areas.  Meal times are separate as well.  Izzy loves to snuggle, to be petted and have her belly rubbed. She had her vet appointment and her shots so she is now up to date. The vet said she looks like a very healthy dog and her weight is perfect.   She was very upset when we went into the vets office and started yelping/crying non-stop when she saw a someone holding a small dog.  She wasn't growling but she was pulling.  When I sat with her the high pitched yelping cont. and they asked if we would like to go into the waiting room.  She quieted right down, the male vet came in, we walked to another waiting room and she was outstanding with him and the techs!!! She let him handle her and give her shots.  He was impressed with her and was please to hear she was crate trained.   They all thought she was a real cutie.  On the way out it was dark and we met another dog at the door.  She once again started the yelping and pulling and the woman kindly walked her dog away.  Izzy is very strong when she is pulling like this.     I did get her attention and walked her to the vehicle or she walked me.  Once in the vehicle she calmed right down.  I don't see any of this yelping behavior at home.  I don't think Izzy will be a dog park kind of girl and I think it will be difficult for her to live with another dog.  She has been great on our walks on the private camp road.  We haven't run into any other dogs.   She is good with my Lil on our walks. I've had her meet my Dad and his worker, they walked up to my vehicle while she was in her crate, no issues.  Another day I had them come out behind a vehicle and walk towards us, no issues.  She does love the boys!  I have not had anyone come to my door, the ACO did tell me she would rush at his door when someone knocked and it was hard to get her attention.  I have been knocking around the house to get her used to it.  I think that is easily resolved by crating her before opening the door until you know she's going to listen.  No signs of separation anxiety at all.  Yay! She loves her crate and is in it for a full day when I am at work.  At night she is gated in the kitchen/dining area and goes right to her crate when I shut the lights off and say time for bed. She has the run of those rooms and has not once messed with the trash or counter surfed.  She really is a very good girl in the house. Has made no attempts to get on the furniture when in the LR.  Izzy would love nothing more than to have a new home of her own, she's very loyal and is very gentle.

11/11/13 -
Izzy was good in crate yesterday afternoon for a few hours and 8.5 hours today while I was at work.  I gave her a kong with some little bones.  She was fine.  No sign of pulling on the bars etc. Just a happy girl when I got home.

11/10/13 - Izzy's first night last night went well. She was so tired she went to her crate and her new fluffy bed and just chilled after her dinner.  Was sound a sleep by 8PM. Very relaxed.  I kept her gated in the Kitch/dining room.  Big room about 12 x 25.  See slept in her crate with the door open and I didn't hear a peep out of her all night.  Her interaction with Lil is in the kitchen and outside.   I'm going to keep her in there for a couple days to avoid any issues with her and Lil.
She's a little testie with my Lil who is a very balanced and not in in your face kind of girl.  She's snarled her lip at her a couple times.   I give her a quick no and put her in her crate for 5 min.  without my attention.  She's fine when she gets out.  Just need to keep the food stuff separate and not let her in the food prep area.  I just say back it up girls out of the kitchen and they both move back and Izzy has been just going in her crate.  She does love that new bed LOL.
She's super gentle with me playing, loves a belly rub etc.  She loves the tennis ball and rope toy.  Not destructive with the stuffed toys.   Having her earn her way here.  Sitting and waiting before dinner, sit and stay to go out and come in, going through doorways.  Me first, then Lil then Izzy.  She's smart and is getting it in less than 24 hours.   The sit and stay is also helping with reducing leash pulling.   Her new foster home should continue this routine with her as it does help her focus and understand that she is not the leader.  This is how I always start out with my pups, once they get it, I back off and they get the run of the house.  No accidents in the house at all.   I do think she would prefer to be an only dog and is not going to
tolerate an overly exhauberant dog in her face.  She definately has a high prey drive and is very focussed on checking out what ever she smells in the air and I know she would run off to check it out if she were not on the leash.  I live near a dairy farm so even while its dark out she can smell the cows across the street and in the back field and she will pull towards what she is smelling. I totally see how she could have been found running loose.
She knows her name very well and when we are practicing recall while on the leash,  She comes right to me and her reward is lots of rubs and some play. Today - She's getting a bath and I'll then apply frontline.  She's had her breakfast and is back to sleeping, LOL

11/09/13 -
Izzy has had a busy day leaving the shelter, a run in the park before the trip and then a couple hour ride to her foster home.  She rode well both in and out of the crate.  She's built like a little tank and is quite short, maybe 16 inches tall at her back.   When I met her in the parking lot she sat upon me asking her to sit and gave me her paw.  You can tell she wants to please.  Izzy knows basic commands, sit, down, give a paw, back it up and away from the kitchen.  She will also stay with encouragement.  I have been having her sit and stay before we go out and when we come back it.  This keeps her from pulling on her leash and reinforces I'm the leader.   She and my little boxer girl met thru the gate with nubs going and I let them meet face to face.  They were fine.  Izzy found a toy and started throwing it around within the first half hour of being here.  She did get a little possessive of the toy. I asked her to sit, she did immediately and I put the toy up and gave her a quick 5 min. time out.  I'll need to watch her with that. I also fed them separately and picked up the dishes when they were done.  Didn't want to push things too quickly.   She has a nice new bed in the crate and she LOVES it.  It must feel so good compared to the shelter.  She already knows which crate is hers and didn't want my girl on her bed.  My girl is a quick learner but is wondering why the new girl got the new bed!  We went for a walk and she is a puller but with reminders by saying her name and saying back up it was easy to get her attention. She did much better on the walk back.  She is food motivated so it will be easy to work on her training.  I forgot to bring some treats with me on the walk.  Izzy and my girl were sitting and would lie down for treats with no issues.  I will say I don't think she would be tolerant of a dominant dog and I'm not sure how she would be with small children if she is possessive.  I was able to take the toy and take her food dish.  As I was making dinner I asked them both to move out of the kitchen, they both went near the dining room table and Izzy actually went in her crate.  No accidents in the house and from what I hear she kept her run at the shelter unsoiled.  She has been napping in and out of her open crate this evening and I haven't really heard a peep out of her. She's quite affectionate and enjoys being petted and having her ears rubbed.  She's a sweetie and has been excellent this first afternoon and evening.

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New Hampshire
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Here is more background info on Izzy:

Izzy was picked up as a stray by the Animal Control Officer and taken to a small rural shelter.  With a little investigation the ACO found her last owner.   They said her name was Izzy and she is spayed.  They were not interested in getting poor Izzy back and did not say why or give any more info on her.