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02/23/14 -
Hoosier had his first walk on the beach, and he loved every minute of it.  He met several dogs of assorted sizes, and while he was nervous enough to put his hackles up, he was wagging his nub and let everybody sniff him, and sniffed everybody with no incident.  He acted like he wanted me to let him off leash so he could race and play!  But I didn't, and we finished our walk and he jumped back into the car for the ride home.   Today we walked around the block, and while he didn't meet anyone in person, he got to smell all of his canine neighbors and get a sense of what they were up to.  He is SUCH a good boy!

01/09/14 -
Hi!  Hoosier here.  Mom's been real busy, and she went away, so she hasn't had time to let you all know how I'm doing here at the Boxer-Hostel.  So I'm going to tell you...
I am doing GREAT!  I LOVE it here!  I'm happy!  I hardly ever have to be home alone.  Dad is Retired so he doesn't have to go to work like mom.  He goes other places, but lots of times he takes me with him in his TRUCK!  I LOVE going for rides!  And its the strangest thing, but I don't get scared when I'm alone in the truck waiting for him, like I do when I have to wait at the house.  Maybe it's because I know somebody will will be back soon.  So I just hang out and wait, and pretty soon we get to go for another ride!  And I don't get as scared in the house when I'm alone as I used to.  And I haven't done anything I'm not supposed to do.  But I just love it when my people come home to be with me.  Then I get to hang out with them which is the BEST!
One more thing I have to let you all know.  I found out last night that even thought I had kids in my family when I was a young guy, they kinda scare me a little bit now.  We had company last night and I was really happy to see the two kids, but they also scared me because they just kept moving around and I never knew where they'd be or what they'd do.  I wasn't scared when they were quiet, and then I liked having them pet me.  But I think I like living in a quiet house.

12/06/13 -
Happy Hoosier has healed from his neuter.  He's discovered the toy basket and found a favorite rope toy that he tosses and throws and chases.  He's so funny!  What a delight to have been a part of his chance to become the Boxer he was meant to be.  Hoosier is a success story--from a poor boy chained outside to a loving and beloved family member with no bad manners is a long journey.  He still is not happy when he's left alone--but his anxiety is decreased, and continuing to decrease as he becomes more and more positive that we haven't abandoned him when we leave the house.   Now all that is left for him is a happy ending to his stsory--a new family for the holidays.

11/27/13 -
Hoosier is loving it here in his foster home--and we are loving having him! Now that he has had the chance to settle in, he is showing us what a delightful man he is--happy, gentle, and cuddley.  He loves going for rides, and is a perfect gentleman in the car.  Hoosier still doesn't like being left alone,  but he's not destructive.  And I think that he is learning that we'll always come back, so he is not as stressed as he was at first.  We've fitted him with a nice rolled leather collar, and we're hoping that the scarred and hairless areas on his neck might rejuveninate now that they are no longer rubbed.   Hoosier will make some lucky family a loving companion--is that family you?

11/18/13 -
Hoosier had a relaxing weekend at my lakeside cottage.  He curled up on the dogbed in frront of the woodstove, and curled up next me at night in bed.  He happily welcomed the mason and a sheetrock installer, and just sat there to be petted.  He LOVES car rides, and once he learns he can't drive on your lap with you, he settles down.  He was great when I left him in the car for brief periods--I ran into Target to grab plastic storage totes and dogfood, ran into Arby's on the drive up for a sandwich (and the bathroom) and into the Sea Basket on the way back home.  And he didn't try to help himself to my meals, either!
Tomorrow is his trip to the Vet.

11/15/13 -
Hoosier is starting to settle in at the Boxer-Hostel.  He has been eating, and while he is still "marking" inside, he is peeing and pooping outside like a good boy.  The last two nights he settled down in his night crate more quickly, and woke me up when he had to go out to go pee!  Hoosier is such a love-bug that he has a very hard time being left alone. While he is not destructive (except for scratching at the door whch needs a new paint job anyway), he cries and whines, and tries to follow his people out of the house when they leave.  He does not want to go into the crate at night that is right next to my bed, and takes a long time to calm enough to sleep, He bangs his head and paws and chews at the crate door, and all of his front teeth are broken and worn down.  So I have not tried crating him when he would be home alone.  This weekend when we are up at my cottage, I might give that a try when I go to church, as he'd be alone for less than 2 hours.  (Besides, the crate I have up there is a REALLY heavy-duty one!)   Hoosier has a lot of love to give to his new family, and a family that has the time to spend with him to help him learn that he will never need to be alone again is out there somewhere.  Are YOU his new family?

11/12/13 -
Well, I've been looking for a Hoosier for my house for a long time, and I finally got one--only it's a Love-bug of a Boxer, and not a portable kitchen cupboard.  Well, I just bought a hutch...
Hoosier has arrived at the Boxer-Hostel in Maine and he is loving having a home of his own and a new family to love him.  Poor guy has been tied up outside for most of the past year, and he deserves this second chance at living the life he deserves.  Hoosier does need to be neutered, and we'll get that taken care of as soon as our Vet can fit him in.  So far Hoosier has shown that he loves to go for rides, loves to be with people, and loves to meet new people.  Did I say that he was a love-bug!

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